Hi, if I'm under subsidised can I still request for a specific gynae? And how do I go about it? As in should I call the hospital and let them know? Or you can choose your gynae because you're under subsidised?

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Super Mum

You can’t choose your gynae for follow up visits if you’re under subsidised, and neither can you choose who delivers your baby. If you would like a specific gynae for both check ups and to deliver your baby, you need to rebook your appointment under that specific gynae. Of course, the amount you pay from then on is private rate.

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private = can choose specific gynae subsidized = cannot choose and lead by team based doctors if you wanna choose gynae, youll be changed as a private patient. you can call the hospital to ask how the changing goes, either able thru phone or wait to next appt and get back to them at the counter.

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You will need to be under private if you want to request for a specific gynae. Just call in to make an appointment and request. A different gynae will see you each visit if you are under subsidised.

Subsidised cfm cannot. Just go to the counter on ur next check up and say u want to change to private, then u choose ur preferred gynae.

Once u fixed a gynae at public hospital u will be paying unsubsidised rates for all consultation and test.

Only private can choose gynae. Otherwise everyone also wants to be under subsidied already

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You can’t choose your gynae if you’re under subsidized

Super Mum

Subsidised cannot choose gynae, only private.

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no. if you want choose, need go under private

Only when u switch to private