Should I go private to keep my subsidised rate at restructured hospitals?

Hi Mummies! FTM here at 41 y/o so can be a bit lost for certain matters and would like to hear your opinions. I'm currently a subsidised patient under team care at KKH and I plan to have a fixed gynae for my last trimester in case of complications. If I go private at Kkh under ward A, I will no longer enjoy subsidised rates for future visits and even my children will be charged private. That's like a big loss... If I go to private hospital, I'm quite concerned about the hefty costs if I have to take caeserean... Then again, I also heard that there's not much price difference with restructured hospitals... What do you all reckon? Thank you for your comments.

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So for KKH, delivery cost is 1 rate which include the rooms and whatever checks and jabs. But for private, there’s room rates + gyane delivery rates + PD rates + anesthetist rates. Emergency C sec can go up to 15-20k in private hospitals. If you’re financially tight, I would suggest you to stick with Team doctor at KKH. At 41, if you’re high risk, you’ll automatically be “upgraded” to the high risk tier where only senior gyane will see you

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