ideal age to have a child!

If given the choice, financial issue aside, what would be your ideal age to have a child and why? ?

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Depends on what you want. I personally prefer early 30s. My grandma, uncle, cousin married at early 20s. Now they already have four generations and the fifth generation is coming soon. My grandma and aunt are both very easy going person so they really have a big and happy family

16 or maybe 17! I want to grow with my child n being young mum means I have more energy! All factors aside means I don’t have to worry about studies or work or money haha, at 16 we are actually biologically ready to bear a child

In 20s so that have more energy and higher possibility to be able to help them when they have their own children.

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20s is better .. coz we can’t be old enough to see their teenage

Before 30! Can recover and bounce back fast when you’re younger

28 and above.. i think we are matured then to handle


25. Not so tiring and by 30 can relax not so shag.

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In my early 20s!

26 and above.