At what age do you send your child to school ? Why

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I send my child since he was about 8 months oldm reason being there is no one to help, I have no external family or friends who can help. so it's just me and hubby 365 days a year without a break. also when baby goes to school, I can do self care which will help baby too. that way my tolerance level can replenish. whilst he is at school, it is better that he has other babies his age, and things to stimulate him.

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It is a very difficult situation and school teachers are trained with unique skills to deal with such kind of preschool students. The understand your hassle and they offer their professional services at minimum rates.

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i send my elder son to cc when he is 2.5years old. I just delivered my second child. I recently send my second son to cc at 21mo as i just discovered i was pregnant and i want him to have a smooth transition to school.