Nose bleed

If my child has a nosebleed how do I stop it? My in-law says to stuff green vegetables into his nose to stop it

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Pls don’t stuff veg up his nose Mine gets nose bleed too What I do is to get tissue and roll up so it’s fitting and snug Never tilt back the head - that’s wrong the tissue should be left inside the nose for awhile and change when wet This should help stop the bleeding

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Please get your child to sit upright and lean forward. Leaning forward will help to avoid swallowing his blood. Ask your child to pinch his nose and breathe through the mouth for around 10-15mins. Pinching will create pressure and often can stop the flow of the blood.

Wow first time hearing of this... chanced upon this guide and thought it might be of help!

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Please have him face forward and press on the middle part of the nose. Please only do the correct way. DO NOT stuff anything into the nose. That includes tissue.

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Omg green vegggies what kind of method it’s ?? If bleeding continues ask ur kid see up n use ice cubes n rub at nose with a cloth .. it may help

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Don’t think you should stuff anything into your child’s nose if they’re bleeding. Tilt head upwards. Consult doctor if it doesn’t stop.

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Drs always advise to lean forward and breath through the mouth but personally I find leaning backwards stop the bleeding faster.

Really don't stuff anything up his nose. Ask him to learn forward and pinch the top of his nose until it stops.

Stuff green veg into nose? That’s ridiculous! Pls consult a doctor if nose bleed is happening frequently.

Definitely not stuffing vegetables into his nose! What I usually do is tilt the head and pinch the nose