Nose Bleed in Third Trimester

Hi! I’m 32 weeks pregnant. Was just washing my face when I started having nose bleed. It was flowing out quite a lot but stopped after a while after I pressed on my nose bridge. Is it okay to have nose bleed during pregnancy? Should I be worried? The last time I had a nose bleed was when I was 10 years old so it’s definitely not common for me 😅

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I had it too few weeks ago. Checked with Gynae and he said might be due to the side effect of taking aspirin for long period (since 3 weeks pregnant, now alr 35 weeks) he told me to monitor.

2y ago

Thank you! Had my appointment yesterday but totally forgot to ask the doctor!

Super Mum

Hi. Yeah its fine. I have it a few times. Hehe. And i never had nosebleed in my life. Haha

2y ago

Hehe. No worries ♥️