Any parents here experience LO having nose bleed??? My 2yr old son had a fall and injured his right nostril so whenever he cries and/or scratch his nose.. he will bleed alot! 2 trips to KKH and both doctors said same thing- must wait for internal injury to self heal and to apply ointment 3 times a day and press nose bridge to stop bleeding. My husband and I are both at our wits end. No. 1) He would cry-randomly at night and won't stop until a few minutes. 2) He refuse any1 to touch his nose. 3) We are v worried abt the amt of blood he loses each day. p.s: im 5 months pregnant and my firstborn son has been extra clingy. he will be seeing a ear nose throat specialist nxt wends.

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The doctors are right. Right now, all you can do is to listen to what the doctors say, remain patient and try to keep your son as comfortable as you can. It will be hard but rest assured that it will all pass and things will get better. It is important for you and your husband to keep calm especially in front of your son. If he sees you stressed out, he will get more fussy too. For now, maybe you can keep him distracted with things he love. A kid I used to babysit for the summer had her fingers slammed shut in the door's hinge while playing with her brother and she was pretty much hysterical for a few days straight. Her mom usually doesn't allow for prolonged use of electronics but she made an exception for this instance. Letting her play and watch videos on the iPad for a few extra hours kept the little girl's mind off the pain. Maybe you can try something similar? Till then, take care and try to get some rest yeah, Mommy? I pray your son will get better soon.

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I agree with the Yuna and Jacq, there is little we can do but wait for it to heal on its own. I guess he is pretty upset and irritable about the injury, so the best thing you can do right now is to make him feel as comfortable as possible. What sort of activities and foods does he like? Maybe you can indulge him in that. You should also try to relax yourself. My boy was also very clingy to me when I was pregnant but when the baby was out, he sensed that he has more responsibility as a big brother and he became more independent. As for the amount of blood loss, I don't think it's cause for alarm. Just do as the doctor ordered, pinch his nose, put his chin down and eventually it will stop. Hope this helps and hoping your tot will be better soon :-)

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Yes, there is really nothing much you can do now to help speed up the healing process. I can understand how frustrating it must be for you and heart aching to see how your boy is suffering. Give him your attention and comfort him whenever he needs it. Whenever his nose starts to bleed, teach him how to gently press on the bridge of his nose and look down. Assure him that he is a brave boy and that mummy and daddy are there with him. Bring him for special treats to help make the ordeal more bearable. Take care!!!

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Try to get your toddler to not touch the nose. As the skin is extra sensitive there. probably the blood vessel are thin too. There is nothing much you can do also. Hang on

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Does the bleeding hurt him? He seems that he is traumatised by the bleeding. Do distracted him with something he likes when applying ointment for him.

Sorry to hear. There isn't much you can do, except to wait it out. hang on dear.