I would like to live till ...

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I would like to live till ...
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Super Mum

Till my kids are old enough to not need me, and around the same time that my husband passes on, so that neither of us will be alone for too long

Mmmhhh Until my LO turns out to be independent on her own (MMMHHH but I will always be her guardian angle wherever she goes)

Until my children settle down and have children of their own. If possible, till their children go secondary school.

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Until my son gets married settle down and have his own family and responsibilities to take care of.

75 considering age of my baby,wish to be there for him uptill he is settled

As long as im healthy. If i grow old and become sickly i think id rather go

hmmm as long as i am mentally sound, and i don’t burden my loved ones

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Until my kids settle down and have kids of their own(:

not thought about the age - I just want to go first

as long as I can without being burden to anyone