Here is another would you rather question

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Here is another would you rather question
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Suffered 3 miscarriages before 30. Became 1st time mum at 30 and no regrets. I did it alone as husband was busy with biz. If I were any younger, I may have not been able to cope alone. I recalled sitting down, looking at my 3 weeks old son, feeling proud and grateful. Thanked God that I am an older mum with maturity, understanding and positivity.

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Though I believe age is a critical factor, I feel being mentally, physically and financially stable is equally important. Don't delay too much but do not have a baby without being prepared just because your biological clock is ticking.

A, definitely. Me n so many people I know have parents who gave birth after 30-35, totally cannot connect with the parents once they grow up. I had my first at 17 n second at 19, honestly best decision of my whole life


A for 1st baby. B for the second. 👉 Will you ❤ this first moment my baby and me was born please,

After 30 where my finances are more stable, relationship and mentality more mature. But that is just my preference. Anytime is a good time as long as one is ready to be a parent!

Nothin is in our hands. It's all in God hand.. some have started trying before 30 but only received their blessings aft 30s... :)

depends, but having financial stability 1st is impt. It lessen the stress or possibility of depression in bringing up your lo.

A! Provided mentally, physically & financially ready to have baby. I still think its good to have baby before 30 years.

Before 30. First pregnancy miscarriage at 29. So i guess will be pregnant again after 30 😆

I rather get pregnant before 30. And now im turning 28 soon and expecting my 4th child 😊