Yes or No?

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Yes or No?
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I don't think it should be censored or restricted. Most of the content aimed at kids talks about tolerance and not bullying. Kids are exposed to the concept in regular society these days at very early ages and it's better to be exposed to content that promotes understanding and tolerance than having their first experiences be belittling and bullying - which is still not uncommon. Even when they are exposed to lgbt-positive content and live in such households and communities, they are typically very aware that there is still a strong societal segment that views it as not acceptable.

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Celebrating? I think it's ok to normalize it, but just as children books don't make a big ado about heterosexual relationships, homosexual relationships shouldn't be highlighted as special. At this stage we can't tell what is nature and what is nurture, I do not want my toddler with no attraction to either gender to decide "oh homosexuality is a cool concept I want to have a same sex marriage when I grow up!"

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Yes censored but then, we still have to educate them about it. As All of us have different upbringing and belief. This is a different world we live in now. Not just homosexuality, some have open marriage relationships, some doesnt conform to gender. We must educate them wisely not to detest but to be kind and informed as well as this will reflect on them as they grow.

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No but of course built for kids content. Nothing wrong with homosexuality. They actually help with the adoption rates. 🥺

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Definitely no. The fact that this is even a question suggests that our society still has a way to go towards inclusivity.

Yes. I am open to Homosexuality but don’t think it’s a good idea to expose to children

It’s good to educate kids about homosexuality, with understanding comes acceptance.

no. just don’t lie or hide things from children, they’re alot smarter than u think.

No, let their mind be open and start to understand this matters..

No it shouldn’t be censored.