Baby kicking

I am week 18 but I still can’t feel the baby kicking :(

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You should feel your baby's first movements, called "quickening," between weeks 16 and 25 of your pregnancy. If this is your first pregnancy, you may not feel your baby move until closer to 25 weeks. so don't worry

As this is my first pregnancy, I only started to feel baby kicking at around 21 to 22 weeks. Hang in there... im sure u will feel it soon! Especially when u are on the bed relaxing.

Dont worry, for ftm it will take quite sometime. U feell start to feel like fluttering or gassy. Thats ur baby!

It’s still considered normal, my Friend! You may feel it soon! ☺️

Some ppl start to feel baby movement around 20 wks especially ftm

I started feeling slight movements from week 20 onwards.

Still early :) twenty plus weeks should be able to feel

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Not so early.. should be around 20 weeks onwards..

I started feeling in my 20 weeks. So dont worry

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I only felt it at 21 weeks. Just wait for it.