Baby kicking - when?

Week 18 but still can’t feel anything!

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I’m also at 18w and I can’t really confirm if I am really feeling baby movements. What I feel are random and weak swishes/vibrations/squirms that feel abit like a small fish swimming against a bag. But I can’t be sure if I’m imagining it as I’m have no prior experience. Friends say theirs are like bubbles or flutters. Appreciate if fellow mums can share too!

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4mo ago

Managed to feel baby more consistently this week. Not an imagination. Hope you can feel it too!


I’m on week 20 going on 21. Also nothing for me yet. Read extensively about it and it says that it’s normal, some people feel earlier, some later. But if we still don’t feel baby’s movement by week 24, consult your gynae. I have my 20th week scan tomorrow, will check in with the gynae about it

Felt mine at 18 weeks . Don’t worry should be soon mummy(: