Baby kicking

I am a first time mum. N now in my 18 weeks plus. Is it normal not to feel any baby kicking yet? Am worried?

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Super Mum

Yes it is:) the first kicks could come as late as 25 weeks. Don’t worry.. and look forward to them! Exciting times ahead:)

Yes, I felt some bubbling in week 16 once but nothing thereafter till around week 22-23, when I felt some small flicks.

It should be normal, currently in my second pregnany 19 weeks yet to feel the kicks or hiccups yet.

it's normal. my wife started to feel some flutters only after the 24th week

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Yes it varies for everybody. Will def feel something by 20 weeks

It’s normal! Don’t need to rush and don’t worry too much!

Very normal. Most FTM don't feel it until 20-24 weeks.

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first preg, mostly come later like 20 weeks

Super Mum

Yes it’s normal. Try 22 weeks

i felt mine around 22 weeks