I was told to avoid papaya and eggplant when pregnant. But some of the western pregnancy books recommend eating these foods. Does anyone know if these foods are safe to eat during pregnancy?

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Too much Unripe papaya can cause contractions especially in early pregnancy which might lead to lost of that pregnancy, bt well ripe yellow papaya in moderation can ease constipation. I donno of eggplant though

Papaya helps to ease constipation which can be very severe during pregnancy. Eggplants are also a good source of dietary fiber and consists of folates, all of which are beneficial to the pregnancy.

As an economist I couldn’t find any hard data to support this, especially papa causes contractions? No factual statistical data to support this. Papa is actually recommended for digestion aid

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Yes, everything in moderation, except uncooked/partially cooked food, raw seafood, alcohol and cod liver oil. Papaya and eggplant are safe to eat as part of a healthy balanced diet.

Its a myth! I love eggplants and had it during my pregnancy didnt have any problem! My mom too had them when she had me. remember the rule. everything in moderation is fine

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I think depends on your body. Eggplant is said to be a "cooling" food like bitter gourd. My parents told me to avoid bitter gourd when pregnant.

I ate eggplant occasionally when pregnant. Not papaya though. I've heard we only need to avoid the green sour papaya

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Yes I also read eggplant is not as good as most of us think. I avoided that but I think papaya is fine

For the papaya it causes contractions which can lead to miscarriage or abortion.


These are safe as I ate in all of three pregnancy