how many of you eat pineapple and Papaya fruits during pregnancy?? is It safe or not?

which fruits are safe and not safe to eat during Pregnancy??

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Fruits and vegetables are important, especially during pregnancy. There are many myths about papaya, however, there is no medical basis for these. If you are worried, stick to your usual fruits - apples, berries, dragon fruits, oranges, avocados, watermelons, and fresh seasonal fruits. Don't eat canned fruits as they have added sugar. Wash all the fruits properly before consumption.

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I had strange cravings for pineapple from 1st trimester onwards and ate and drank some in moderation, so far ok. Papaya as far as I know the fruit is fine but take note that papaya seeds and green papaya are NOT ok. Which means no Thai som tam green papaya salad!

I heard pineapple can induce labour so not recommended. I ate lots of other fruits tho, papaya is one of them. Good to have banana, kiwi also. Added in durian once in a while too

I ate strawberries, oranges, apples, papaya and banana. Pineapple and watermelon need to avoid

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I ate pineapple rice when I was early pregnant as didnt had a choice, it didnt affect me

I ate papaya during my 2nd tri. Pineapple once awhile in my 3rd tri.

Cooked pineapple is okie... but raw pineapple plwase avoid

I didn’t had any of it. I only like avocados milkshake

I eat all but I just have abit. moderation is the key.