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Do slings provide proper support, particularly back support for young kids?
When worn properly slings / carriers provide adequate support. I have worn my 5 yr olds with ease.
How do you teach them basics of discipline and what's right and wrong if you are letting them lead the way?
I work with both hard and soft approaches. When u need the rod, pls go ahead. Explanation is equally important too. Try to educate the kids by communicating with them and give them real life ex
I personally believe that talking is a good way of explaining. Communication is vital no matter what age the child is. Even though I must say at times it may seem that we are having a one sided con
Won't you be spoiling children if you develop a habit of 'giving in' to them all time?
Yes, not only are you spoiling them, you are also presenting them with an unrealistic view on life. Things do not just fall into their laps and they have to work for those things -- giving in all the
Yes I feel so as they will normally learn to accept "no" as an answer. U aren't helping them to grow but causing a negative impact in their life.
When can I stop putting diaper rash cream at night? Does it only stop when they are potty trained?
Use only need
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If you're talking about medicated creams like Desitin, we only ever applied it once when he had a diaper rash - and stopped after that! Never had to use it again thankfully :) If you're talking about
I only apply as and when required especially at night. I find that its rather uncomfortable to apply the cream for my baby as the cream will be sticky too. Afterall, i will change the diaper quite r
I apply it every time I change diaper. I feel prevention is better than when it's red than you apply cause by the time baby skin is already pain.
Diaper rash is because the baby feel hot so have to keep clean and change the diaper. If like changing 1 day 3 diaper, change it to 1 day 4 to 5. Everytime change of diaper clean with water or wiper (
How much milk should an 18-month old with a normal appetite be drinking?
if he is eating well, can just drink 2 times ie 180ml per day. This was recommended by my pd too.
In general, an 18 month old baby should not drink more than 24oz of milk in a day. Consuming too much milk will fill your child up so he doesn't consume enough other foods to get the nutrients he need
What is the easiest most intuitive language for kids to learn to code?
If you're interested in getting your child started on digital literacy, Google x Saturday Kids x 21C Girls is running a free full day coding camp at Google's offices this Saturday 27/8 (boys can join
Agree with Jacq that Scratch is probably the most intuitive for kids to pick up. It's a visual programming language with a drag and drop interface. We have taught kids as young as six coding with Scra
I'm no expert here. Did a search and found that "scratch" is highly recommended by many teaching programming to children as a good starting point. It is free and allows
Are there any oils I can out in my baby's bath or put on at bedtime to help him sleep better?
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I love lavender and white Angelica! vetiver works great when applied on the brain stem before bed time.
i uses yl lavender eo and gentlebaby (dilute with v6) or diffuse them. its helps my teething or growing spurt baby sleep better as he is a sttn baby so its affect me if he didnt sleep well.
for me, i use this. especially when she is sleeping or having block nose. its useful . just put 2 drops in hot water in a bowl and it last for about 10min. but the effect last in room for quite someti
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Is it ok to let my 18 month old watch 2-3 minute cartoons a few times a week? Or is no digital viewing advised till they're 2?
I agree with Dannah Cody.. since I brought my babies home (I have 4 and one on the way) I always had something on tv... as long as you sit down and make time for educational videos or playtime or some
I do
Actually that's bull you can start playing anything that's educational preferably on TV as soon as your baby comes home because educational cartoons will help with their motor skills (talking early) a
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thats fine for me..I let my child watch daily and i think it helps in learning too.
In my opinion if you feel its ok than its ok.. I let mine when they were that age watch cartoons there are alot of good learning ones.. When they want to play they will play if the want to watch so i
My toddler ate bit of a wax crayon that wasn't child friendly and his face started to go red in patches and get rashes. We managed to get most of it out and the redness has subsided. Should I still be
In general, wax is not poisonous. If a child eats a small amount of crayon, the wax will pass through the child's system without causing a problem.
Yeah agree with the parent above. The rashes could just be a physical manifestation of his reaction to the crayons. There could be other sinister things happening internally... not trying to be parano
i would bring to the hospital for a check.
Has anyone ever used babysitters provided by a hotel before? We're wondering if we should with our 18 month old toddler for a trip we're making soon. What questions would you ask a hotel when consider
Personally I am quite skeptical about leaving my baby to a total stranger. Especially when my baby cannot express by speech yet. I bring along my little one where ever I go.
From my experience yes they have if you are staying in family friendly hotels. You can ask the concierge. Better send the hotel an email to check.
Where will you be going? If you're heading to Bali, I know a great tried and tested nanny service that you can hire per day to follow you around while you and your family are on holiday.
If you are bringing LO for a trip , why do u want to use a baby sitter ? y not consider leaving LO with parents so that u can have time with husband ?