Hi I was the anonymous who posted a long post previously. First of all, really thankful of people who read...Right now he's behaving normally with the kids. Being all fun and sweet to them. But he ignored me. Doesn't want to talk to me...at all.. this morning I asked if he's feeling better. He ignored me. I said, I'm talking to u very nicely here. He replied "what?!". He literally treat me as transparent. Actually even on normal days when we didnt quarrel until like this, when only me n him go out for some couple time , he doesn't hold my hands anymore Today, Sit down back face me. When I'm in kitchen, he came in saw me inside he got out. I was very upset. I texted him saying what else does he want from me. If this goes on the marriage is over.  I told him I will fix an appt and if he does not go means he give up on this marriage. He replied "then u go all u want. I am not going". Actually all these quarreling been going on for quite awhile.  like one month we can quarrel up to 3 or even 4 times.  I'm getting tired and depressed.i have a history of depression and had already recovered and discharged few yrs back.. But after going thru all these epsiodes, I'm not confident to say I'm ok. Sorry for the rant. And thank u once again for reading. I have no one else to turn to anymore. I'm at my end already. 

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Sorry you feel this way. Sounds very traumatic. I have formerly been in a marriage Like this and I felt like I was dying a little bit Everyday. I highly recommend that you think seriously about a divorce. It was the best thing I ever did. But I am financially independent career woman, who has supportive parents who can help me with my kids.

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