Working mummies! Planning (want) to go back to work after maternity leave?

I want and plan to go back to work 8 weeks after I give birth (and use my remaining maternity leave for whenever my LO needs me). But all infant care near my area is full!!! 😭 Ah well, looks like will have to discuss abt the plan with hubby again... Working mummies! How are your plans for returning to work (or not) after maternity leave, and what did you do to mitigate the problems that blocked them?

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I planned to return to work 4 to 5 months after I give birth since it doesn't matter for me on how long I want to rest due to contract renewal upon my return. Mainly due to possible postpartum recovery for both mental and physical as I had mild anxiety problems. My only concern is my health postpartum, childcare arrangements and baby's needs by then which will heavily impact my decision on when I'll be back to work. Mitagation of my problems for these would be: 1. My baby's needs or my health by then: negotiate with my employer on the workload and working hours/arrangement. (if there's a need to make changes due to health isssues or baby's needs) 2. Childcare Arrangements: I am working on backup plans should my family members had issues caring for my baby while I am away. Worse come to worse would be engaging infantcare services or I had to stop working full-time which I didn't really want to for either due to financial constraints.

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I took the full 4 months and additional NPL till 6 months as I cldn't bear to leave my boy at home even though my mom took care of him since. It's much easier to go back work once baby starts to sleep throughout the night and started baby food too cz by then he wld not be relying so much on b'feeding. Still felt as tho I didnt have much time with baby but what to do, work beckons. As a teacher i also need to time my leave and only begin work at the start of the term. Currently pregnant with no. 2 and I will do the same.

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my initial plan was to go back to work earlier but ended up taking all 4 months mat leave and even then, that wasn't enough. As with all things, sometimes there's only so much you can plan for. I've decided to be a stay home mom for the time being and will look for a new job after baby turns 1 year old.

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I am currently 8 weeks postpartum and I agree with other moms that it is not enough to take care of your LO. I am going to take full 16 weeks of Mat leave now and my husband will start his paternity leave when I resume work. I will also be working from home as my company is understanding.

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Initially planned on 16 weeks and getting a helper while i go back to work. but helper plan didnt pan out and infant cares are horribly expensive and full. So settled for being a stay at home mom for a year or two, hopefully finances can hold until baby goes into childcare at least!

I took all the 12weeks completely, that by itself wasn’t enough for me. Though I had help from my family. Switching job won’t be feasible as it would be challenging at home and work. I preferred to continue on the same job, as they did understand my personal needs due to my baby

I took full 16wks and continued with my VL because i gave birth in aug and my ger only had a sch in jan… but in between because we still had wfh so i actually asked to work while hb take care. Save some of my ML in nov 😅, im worried abt 2nd child now!

as a healthcare worker I'm taking full maternity leave as once I get bCk on work it's back to heavy duty and non of them are understanding. being a healthcare worker sucks!!!

Initially i planned to take 12 weeks and keep 4 weeks. But after baby is born, changed my mind to take 16 weeks as it's very tiring. Decide after you have given birth 😄. No hurry mummy.

taking full 16 weeks all the way to rest and recuperate because it’s not gonna be easy getting the hang of things and your new body just within 8 weeks!