Pumping at work

Hi mummies, Can you share how do you manage to pump when back to work after 16 weeks of maternity leave. My working hours 8am-5pm and need 1h30’ to travel to work, and another 1h30’ to go home. Thank you

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Super Mum

I went early to pump once before work started, and pumped once before I went home. In between, during working hours, you’ll need to work it out with your boss and colleagues on when you can go off for a while to pump. Or my friend used something like the Freemie to just pump at her desk. Heh

Super Mum

My working hour is 8.30-5.39, commute takes an hour. Depending on what time is baby's ladt feed, I'd do the first pump either at 9am or 10am. And then 1pm and 4pm. We have nursing rooms in the building, so I'd just bring my laptop along.


I pump every 3hr.