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Hi working mummies. I would like to ask when did u take and start your maternity leave ? At how many weeks ? & do u experience early labour for your second pregnancy? My boss already asked when will i want to apply for my maternity, but i cant plan ....

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I took 5 days hl (20 dec) plus 1 week (xmas to cny) plus 13 ml before edd (14/1) as my bb is quite low and engaged le and I starting to have tightening of my tummy every night... plus having flu so gynae wants me to rest more. Only when I'm ready to deliver, then start walking which I did around end of the year... and I went into labour 11 days b4 edd so I didnt waste my ml at all. I took 15 weeks ml straight so I have more time with bb, plus power pump to stock up breast milk before going back to work...

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I was same as you. Can't decide when to take as I didn't want to waste any single day of my maternity leave.. So, I took hospital leave when I was 36weeks and extending my leave every week for 4 weeks. Start hospital leave on 1 Nov 2019 to 29 Nov 2019. I got induce on 26 nov 2019.. Haha! Not even a day of maternity leave wasted.

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My edd is on a Sunday, i took annual leave the Monday before.. my boss didn't want me at work before edd, said to rest.. while my gynae said continue to work, don't stop and didn't allow hospitalisation leave.. hmmm hope baby comes out around edd

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Will probably start close to my EDD. Most of my friends usually work right up to their just before their EDD as some gynaes may not give any hospitalisation leave prior to delivery unless there are any issues.

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Means like 1 week before is it?

I was on annual and unpaid leave up till the day i delivered. I took the AL and UL till my edd date, and just nice for me, i gave birth 1 day after my edd. So my ML started right after i delivered.


one week before EDD for my second pregnancy. went back to work after 12 weeks & took the other 4 weeks bit by bit until end of 12 months.

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I put a week before edd as i had planned to rest but i gave birth earlier so started my leave the day i delivered

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Actually tell your boss your maternity leave should start on EDD and onwards. If any changes just inform boss.

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The default by mom is from 4 weeks before edd, you may make alternative arrangements with your boss

I was on HL for 3 weeks and then maternity for 3 months. Last month of maternity used sporadically

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Stay at home but not so good cause I didn't walk much so in the end got induce