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I just want to ask, if I may still avail Philhealth Maternity Benefit even though I have not paid premium contribution since April 2021 until now prior my EDD which is October 2021, I don't have a job since April 2021 due to company retrenchment/losses, also that I was pregnant. I've asked regarding this concern to Philhealth FB Page and in their Email, but nobody seems to answer me. But I have a 75 months premium contribution since before when I had a job from 2014-March2021, will it be considered? I already updated my PMRF from employed to voluntary but since I dont have an income salary(as pregnant) I can't generate spa to pay contribution. What to do if Philhealth itself doesn't have feedback with regards to my concern. The hospital where I'm taking Check-ups tells me that I may use my Philhealh account but needed to be updated, so what kind of update? I'm clueless, if it is regarding about my contribution. Thanks for those who will give an answer. Hope you could enlighten me on what to do. :) #advicepls #1stimemom #firstbaby #pleasehelp #pregnancy

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Updated meaning you need to pay your contributions from April to October 2021. 300 pesos per month.

8mo ago

implementing rather, also next to the context in reference to the UHC, there's just an interest on missed contribution.