I want to add a twist in my usual adobo recipe. My aunt from Iloilo said that their version of adobo has ginger and atsuete seeds (also known as annatto seeds) however I think kids will find it unusual because of the color and the additional kick from the ginger. Any suggestions on how to level-up the usual adobo recipe?

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Try my healthy adobo po. Marinate the chicken on cracked black pepper,garlic,onion,soy sauce,little bit of vinegar and pineapple juice.Fry the marinated chicken or pork on pan without using oil(if pork po mabuting skin muna ung nakalapat sa pan.) Set aside po yung pinang'marinate.Put the onion and garlic from sauce to the chicken or pork while cooking it.(It will give extra flavor tanggal lansa na rin.) When it golden brown in both side add the marinating sauce.Simmer it and add some pineapple slice or chunks.Your kids will love it po.

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I understand that vinegar is the mainstay in adobo and it gives the sauce the distinct savory sour taste. Perhaps you can consider using green mangoes cooked into the adobo instead of vinegar. Green mangos have a unique acidity, sourness and a tinge of sweetness that could give your adobo the kick you desire. Here's a recipe I found online: http://adobo-atibapa-pinoy-food-celebration.blogspot.se/2010/10/adobo-recipe-adobo-with-green-mangoes.html?m=1

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This is fantastic! I will definitely try this as green mangoes are a sure hit to my hubby and kids! Thanks, Yuna!

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Sometimes we want our adobo sweet, so i add sprite to boil the meat. And add sprite again for added soup. :)

Ewan ko? Yung adobo ko kasi nauwi sa chicken curry, yung Bisteak tagalog ko nauwi sa adobom haynako 😞

I used to do a complicated adobo with star anise, coconut milk, and royal softdrink.

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We add bay leaf and potatoes as add ons


we add bay leaf n star anise

add coconut milk

Pineapple ❤

Add sprite po