Catching up missed Vaccines

Year 2020 is one of the most unforgetable year in the lives of everyone because of the pandemic. It is the year where many family suffered emotional, physical and especially mental struggles. But this year 2021 I know that this is the year of hope. My goal this year is to protect Jc more and my family because for me health is always my priority Being a health worker and a mom at the same time, I felt so afraid everytime i will go to work and the feeling goes double when i need to go home because i don't really know if i carry virus that i might transfer to my son & my family. As a mom health has been always my highest priority. I know that to add extra protection for Jc I make sure that he will not missed any vaccines because I believe that it helps him to strengthen his immune system and also protect him from viruses especially nowadays that we are prone to all those virus. Good thing in being a health worker during this pandemic we didnt missed any vaccines and boosters for Jc. Because I asked his Pediatrician to go to our house and adminestered vaccines to him. I am glad and blessed that we are not having a hardtime in his immunization like many of us. If you are one of those many mommies who postponed vaccines schedule of your child due to covid-19 it is not too late to contact your pediatrician and ask how you can catch-up their vaccines because it is so important in your childs protection. If you want to know and learn more about the importance and role of vaccines in protecting you and your family from viruses. Join me and be part of the growing community of #TeamBakuNanay. Also in this community you can share your experiences regarding the immunization of your kids and we can learn from each other. Don't forget to answer the membership question in the Facebook Group. Here's the link: ⁣ I am Chrismie and I am proud to be a BakuNanay ⁣ #ProudtobeBakuNanay #VaccinesWorkforAll #HealthierPhilippines #AllAboutBakuna

Catching  up missed Vaccines
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Thanks for sharing this momshie. #TeamBakuNanay #ProudToBeABakuNanay #VaccineWorksForAll #HealthierPhilippines #AllAboutBakuna