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This is my first child and I am afraid of taking medicines. But my OB explained it that it will help for the development of the baby. I told the OB that I bought 10 tabs of folic acid in the pharmacy, without her seeing it but advised anyway to take it. Me as a first parent, have fear on taking meds, seriously, I took the one that i bought from pharmacy and i feel fear so I decided to open the capsule and see what’s inside of it (because it’s a bit bigger than what i bought from my OB) and that capsule I opened, and just literally poured the half of its powder and drank it 😅 Does my baby will affect that? Disclaimer: I done it only once, only one cap of that medicine from pharmacy, and rest 9 capsules, I took it all (whole) plus the ones that the OB gave me. Hoping for a reply thank you! 😊

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Hi! I’m a Pharmacist. For FA (Folic Acid), OB recommended po talaga to take FA religiously and orally since naka oral drug form. FA can help prevent some major birth defects of the baby’s brain and spine (spina bifida) din po.

4y ago

Opo.. naisip ko lang po na ubusin nalang since nag-okay naman OB ko kahit di nya nakita hehe. Thank you po, napanatag na ako :)

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I think no naman po. Pero try nio po research about folic acid. OBs recommend drinking folic acid too if gusto talaga magbuntis or while trying to make a baby. ☺️

4y ago

I tried to search sis pero wala po ako makita hehe kaya po nagtanong nalang ako dito baka sakaling may naka exp din.. thank you for the reply po. God bless.