How Soon Did Your Menses Return After Birth?

I think my menses just returned and I'm only abt 6 wks pp. Lochia stopped few days ago. I thought menses shd return later for breastfeeding mums. I'm not breastfeeding directly but pumping around 6-8x a day so I'm surprised menses return so soon. Is this normal?

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How to know if its lochia or menses? My post partum bleeding stopped on week 3 and week 4 suddenly had heavy bleeding (1 pad per day) for about 3 days before becoming lighter. Is it menses?

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Might still be lochia, the last few days of my lochia it's also on and off and in very small amount. If it's not a lot of blood it's probably not a period

Mine was just like yours. I do mixed feeding but mostly breastfeeding. My menses returned after 6 weeks too after lochia stopped within few days

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I’m EP-ing. Pumping around 7-8 times a day. My period came back after 2 months pp. I checked with my gynae and he said that it’s is normal

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Was your flow normal? I had spotting at 5 months pp. Previous 5 months no discharge or whatever... Is this considered as menses? I am an ep mum

Hey, It really depends on the individual's body. But with Breastfeeding generally the menses is delayed

Now I'm not sure it's menses cos i only bled that one time yesterday then no more. Isit still lochia?

Depends on individual body. I exclusive pumping and menses start 4 months pp

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Now 4 months pp and it hasnt come yet

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11 months pp,

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11 months pp