menses after giving birth.

Hi mummies, I'm 3 months postpartum now. And I'm breastfeeding my son too. But my menses came since last month. Is that normal? Anyone experiencing this too? Cos I heard menses should come later if you are breastfeeding.

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Same here, 3months PP however I am still having my period every month. Not as heavy as my usual period (before I was pregnant). I heard it's normal. I used to think that breast feeding mummy won't have menses but I was wrong. Every woman is different.

Mine came 2mths after postpartum. And I was breastfeeding plus top up formula. I know of some friends whose menses came way mths later and also some who came 2 or 3mths after postpartum. So I guess it's not really fixed and depending on individual.

Hello mummies, how do you cope with menses while breastfeeding? Does the menses come every month or come and go as and when it feels like coming? Thank you. :)

I breastfeed my son (top up with formula) but my mense came ard 5 weeks pp.

Mine comes 1mth plus after stop breastfeeding which is ard 8 mths.


Mine 10 months pp but i have friends 1 month pp

Mine 3-4mo too. It's quite normal

Mensus came 6 months after pp

Yes norm