I think im about 8 weeks pregnent can anyone share contact of Dr that doesnt cost a fortune to do Ultrasound and check if everything is ok?

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Probably u shld go tru the polyclinic route to get a referral to any government hospital of ur choice. Its much cheaper and roughly the waiting time between private patient & subsidised is rather the same in my opinion. My 1st I went to private but 2nd i chose the subsidised route..

You can try subsidised route but I heard that ultrasounds are not done every month, only during the necessary 16 & 22 weeks, etc. But private gynae probably does every visit as that’s what my gynae does, except when I have the hospital scans so it’s not double-scanning

Government hospital (but waiting time is long), get referral from polyclinic first

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Go to polyclinic and get a referral to see the gynae. Most cost effective method.

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government hospital is definitely cheaper than private. but can't choose doctor

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Yes subsidised route. Go to restructured hospital cheaper

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Kkh, polyclinic to get referral. Will take like 2 weeks.

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You can check with the gov hospitals like KK

Go government hospital