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can I take calcium, obimin and fish oil together at once?

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Hi there! Previously I was also taking all these supplements too. My gynae didn’t give special instructions on whether they should be taken separately or not, but i read online that calcium & iron (obimin) can’t be taken tgth cos calcium can inhibit iron absorption. There should be a gap of 2 hrs in between. So I took obimin + dha in the morning after light breakfast then 2 hrs later I’d then take calcium! You can double check with your gynae to be really safe :)

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According to my last pharmacist, he told me not to take calcium together with obimin and fish oil. The effect of obimin and calcium might cancel each other, thus making it it ineffective.

Obimin and calcium to be taken separately,at least 2 hrs apart. Also, obimin cannot be taken with milk (which probably explain y cannot take tgt with calcium)

Obimin contain iron, and it must take separately with milk, or even with calcium. I take Obimin and Fish oil together, after two hours later I take calcium.

Yes can, my doc said obimin contains iron so best not to take together with milk as it will disrupt the absorption. 2 hrs apart is fine

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Your nurse should advise u accordingly. I took it separately. Or at least 4hrs apart.

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I took calcium & obimin separately, obimin in the day and calcium at night.

I take obimin and fish oil together after breakfast. Didnt take any calcium.

I take calcium after breakfast. Obimin and fish oil after lunch

I take obimin with fish oil, calcium at later part of the day.