Badly Needed! 😢

I remember when I had my first baby. She is a girl, but unfortunately anencephalic. I carried her with a lot of challenges. Starting from the taal errution until the implementation of hard lockdown due to Covid-19. My husband was also assigned to Davao and my mother was still abroad during that time. It was really difficult to face my situation alone, knowing that one day I'll be losing my child and waiting for that without the physical comfort of my mom and my husband. But glory to God, once we learned to let go of the pain and we had experienced to lose very important, we will learn to appreciate more of what is coming. Currently, I'm on the 6th month of my second pregnancy. A bouncing healthy baby boy this time. Hoping that he will always grow normal and healthy on my tummy, in spite the fact that I was diagnosed of GDM. Dear fellow moms, please help me pray for our safety, that my child will always be okay, in Jesus name! ❤

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kaya mo yan, momshie... aja lang!