I am a SAHM of two boys who are both very needy, one 18 months and one 5 months old. My Husband is a very hands on daddy who helps whenever he can. I don't enough sleep as I have to cook, clean and pump. Sometimes I only go to sleep at 3am in the morning, latch half asleep and wake up with a foul mood at 8am. My 18mo Son is not talking. He can only say didi. Knows how to say mama and dada but doesn't exactly call us. I would say he is a smart boy because he can listen and understand instruction very well. When he wants certain things he will point or direct us to it. What is driving me crazy and his constant screams. He is very wary of strangers. He will not let someone else carry him except grandparents and us so basically he screams at everyone else. He screams want he wants something, he screams when he doesn't. He screams during meal time and sometimes I can't seem to find a reason to his screaming. I have tried talking to him nicely but he never listens. Most of the time, out of rage and frustration I hit and raise my voice at him. Sometimes to keep my cool I make him stand at a corner. I have become very irritable and angry person. Sometimes I hate him and wished I didn't gave birth to him. Then when he sleeps, I burst into tears for thinking that way, and regretted my actions towards him. But the next day is exactly the same. I don't want him to hate me. I am not sure if I am going into depression. Please tell me what to do.

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I think one important thing is firstly to let ur hubby know how much u appreciate his helping out. No man wants to come home to a grumpy wife and having to help out without a word of thanks I think. Then to address the amt of work u hv to do, try getting a part time helper in or asking help from your parents/in laws. Take a short break outside when u feel overwhelmed with everything and hopefully u will feel better after that.

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A few issues here: 1. You're burnt out. Not enough rest... it can definitely contribute to depression so hope you can find someone to help you out. Maybe a maid to help with household chores. 2. Your older Son constant tantrums. It could be resulting from frustrations! I'm really not sure as you didn't give more detail but I think he screams as he cannot express himself.

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Very needy means what? Not everyone suitable to be SAHM. Dun force urself to be one. Ended up ur kids and ur whole family suffer! Get helper or send kids to cc. U need to control ur temper. Kids are innocent!

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your are probably overwhelmed with childcare and lack of sleep. probably you get someone to help you care for a few hours while you take a short break yourself?

Have you tried talking to your hubby. Split the chores and get help if needed. So that you can tend to baby. Its not easy and we all have our days

I think you are burned out. You need a break to recharge

Maybe reduce your housework?