I am planning to conceive by the end of this year. Are there any health changes I should bring about, in order to be more healthy? I don smoke or drink!

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Sleep well, eat better fats like salmon and beef, eat lesser refined carbs and sugar. If possible, exercise as it would improve your blood circulation. I took alot of eggs, maybe 2 everyday and believed it helped in improving egg health too! Avoid cold drinks or food as it is believed those cause a cold womb. For pregnancy to take place and thrive, a warm womb is ideal. Good luck!

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You can try start taking a daily supplement containing folic acid. Taking folic acid has been known to greatly reduce the risk of defects, like spina bifida. Some of my mommy friends also worked hard to get their weight to a healthy range before conceiving. Some lost weight while others put on weight.

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Prenatal vitamins Eat healthy Exercise Drink water Sleep well Stop smoking and drinking alcohol

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Prenatal vitamins are always good to take when you are trying! Also watch your caffeine intake.

start taking your prenatal vitamins, stay healthy as possible..goodluck!

I was try to conceive but to no avail.what is the cause

Exercise regularly and start taking folic acid. :)

Exercise, eat well and take vitamins

Yes Eat healthily and exercise more

I want to conceive