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planning to bring my baby to penang next year... he will be 7 month old by then. should I take bus? or plane? which one is more convenient with baby?

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Super Mum

Its gonna be a longggg longgg ride. I'd take plane over bus anytime. (To kl itself cn take 10 hrs inclusive jam & pitstop. Worst case) and penang is further up.😯 Do consider flight cus its still early n still cn gt cheap flights if booked now. And of course comfort fr bby. Even if bby acts up, it'd be 2 hrs at most.

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Super Mum

Think drive easier. Can manage in incidents in between. Like rest at the stops etc. But no car prob fly btr than coach/bus.

It would be a lot more convenient to travel by plane with baby. Bus ride to penang is too long especially with baby..

Plane ba. I take bus to Penang few yrs ago. It's a nightmare to me. Travel on the bus for almost 8 hrs....

Super Mum

I would take a flight with baby.. Cranky baby in the bus can be stressful ahha

Plane, mummy. Shorter and wont cause your child as much discomfort

Flight! Because it is faster than other transportation methods

Plane is probably the best. Shorten the travelling time.

Plane is better as it is a shorter and comfortable ride

Super Mum

Take plane! I just went with my 6 months old!