paint my hdb house

I just painted my house and paint my Main gate and wooden gate as well . bt now I heard from people that we are not allowed to paint the wooden door. is it true mine is hdb.

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Dont think its true. A friend of mine covered the entire door with wallpaper and so far nothing happened. You can also change doors or the gate if u wish too. Its ur own unit afterall so u can do what u want to ur house.

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I thinknits to try not to do tedious work. Have to rest more

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Yeah, just don't think about it, should be fine

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Nope. Not true. You can paint your wooden door

Hi, I think you can.

New bto cannot

Super Mum

Old hdb OK..

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Not really

What is done is done. Already over. My advice is don't think about it :)