Are pre-packaged confinement herb soup safe for breastfeeding?

I just ordered a 30-day confinement herbs soup package from laobanniang as prep for my confinement. Informed my mum and she claims that I should not have bought them as these confinement soup packs include a lot of herbs and some of them are unsafe for consumption during breastfeeding. Zzzz. Is there any truth in this or is she just scaring me for nothing?

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if got mummies want to order confinement soup herbs, can let me know! i am ordering from licensed tcm and the soup is different for 28 days. curated specially for mummies, so all e qty and proportions of herbs are taken into consideration to help nourish mummies bodies :)

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The prepackaged herbs by reputable companies marketed for confinement usually already takes into account breastfeeding mothers. It’s only if you approach the tcm halls and ask to pack without informing them of this need, then they might not pack the right herbs.

If its pre packed confinement herbal soups from reputable companies, it should be fine! It's more of like whether the herbs are over nourishing 😂 nevertheless, if you're worried, you may consult with a TCM physician!

I checked with PD before, he doesn’t seems to be concerned of the herbs we ate and applied during confinement. He just said no alcohol. If you are still concern like me, just wait 2-3 hrs after your meal to breastfeed

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Welcome :) found this article hope it’s useful for you as well. There are some listed herds that are advised to avoid

must see which type lor scared too heaty. cause baby eat wat u eat scared constipation. take note whether they put alcohol etc too

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I took laobanniang confinement herbs soup and bf too. Nothing with bb. Just lots of pimples for me, prob over nourished.

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Generally they are fine but you may want to check the ingredients properly and consult a Chinese physician ...

Mine is from hock hua and I think its fine! My CL prepares the tonic soup daily and nothing wrong when I bf.

It should be fine, but best to consult a chines physician