Hi Mummies, i am currently breastfeeding my 2+ weeks old baby. i realised that daily chinese herb soup during confinement affect my milk supply. I am unable to feel fullness of the breasts and bb not satisfied after latching. She will wake up hourly for milk, this situation been happened for the past 4-5 days when i started to "bu" on the 12th day post partum. I stopped herbs soup yesterday, discovered that my supply has returned, and bb can wait till 2+ hours then ask for milk. As i dunno which is my milk killer, i just stop all herb soup and drink normal soup like pork rib lotus soup and green papaya fish soup Confinement nanny commented herbs soup helping me to recuperate my body, so that in future wont have menses pain or headache. I determined to breastfeed my bb as long as possible. If you were in my shoe, would you continue herb soup daily to recuperate the body and let bb fussed at breast/drink formula milk through bottle Or Just skip chinese herbs soup and breastfeed the baby

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2wks+ bm not regulated yet, need abt 1mth to regulate. U shld drink some herbs soup to recouping with ur recovery too. Must take care of mama first then u can take care of baby.

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