Confinement herbs

Hi mummies, where did u all buy your confinement herbs for soup, and for bathing from? Any recommendations?

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Hi mommy, I got both bath and herb soup from Hock Hua. Is much more convenient and nicely pack in a box for daily use.

heard from my mum that hock hua has those one week confinement pack. maybe you can take a look at hock hua

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I got my herbs from hock hua. They have a ready set of 30 boxes of herbs for something different everyday

I bought bathing herb from shoppee. kiddy palace sells them too but 50¢ more per box

hock hua. but I didnt use it much as my baby had breastmilk jaundice.

my confinement herb bath and soup are from eu yan sang.

Bought the whole set from Hockhua during baby fair

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Got mine from Lao Ban Niang Confinement ☺️

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Got Mine from Hock Hua too!

My hb bought frm redmart!