I am not sure if I am having depression. I am a sahm. My LO is 6months, I am living with my parents waiting for my bto flat to be ready. I easily get frustrated and I hate it when my family member just walk.into my room looking for LO and play. I don't know why. Maybe because they comment too much about my LO like what time he bath? So late haven't bath? Why he still sleeping, why he nv go out walk walk? Very irritating.... I just everyday lock myself inside the room. Will go out shopping center during weekend. So I no need to deal with all the indirect talking. Now I see them I really not feeling very happy and wish that they leave me alone. They say I am having depression, but I clearly know what I am doing. I got fed up when thing is said regarding my LO. Is this depression?

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Yes, I agreed depression is not easily identified or diagnosed. I can be happy playing with my children one moment and next moment I feel sad and upset without any sign. Many people think depression simply mean one cannot handle the emotional well and just need to be positive to walk out of it. It is not that simple. Look for someone you can trust and talk to them about your issue. Ask for help and if needed go for professionals for advice.

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depression is not diagnosed easily. there are many factors to look at. i have been diagnosed with a couple of conditions and thus i do understand. if you need help do voice out. too many people take depression lightly. depression is not based on what you see on the surface. the term has been often misused and misinterpreted.

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it's hard to diagnose whether if it's depression or it's just pure frustration. Have you consider speaking out to people? Yes we are all very protective of our LOs and we may not accept or like it whenever they were mentioning about our LOs. best way is to speak to more people and open up yourself.

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Ur prolly too tense up & stressful. Relax, take a breath & take things easy. See open