I’m in dilemma

I need to send my baby to daycare because will start working this coming Monday but my baby already knows people and she sometimes doesn’t want to be hold by other except either me or my husband. Erm any suggestions?how to deal with it?

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kebiasaan Saya buat sebelum Mula bekerja adalah hantar baby ke nursery seminggu sebelum utk tempoh separuh hari... Dan bila Mula bekerja setiap waktu lunch Saya akan dtg bg tujuan penyusunan Dan tinjauan keadaan baby. baby menangis pd awal tu biasa... but after beberapa hari dia akan ok....

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Hi mommy. You can try sending the baby for half day and see if the nanny can manage her. Sometimes nannies has their tricks, n babies tend to act differently when the parents are around too.

5y ago

Thank you,will try. Hope everything gonna be fine.