baby reject formula milk

hi, i am a mother of twins. i breastfeed them and express my milk if im working. lately my my milk production tremendously drop even ive expressed my milk every 2 hours at office. i start consume milk booster but seems like my milk do not enough for them both. i introduce formula milk for the babies, twin 1 can accpt. but the twin 2 reject all formula milk. he vomit every time fed by FM, his stool become green. i already gave the Twin 2 tried many brands but still rejecting all. S26, frisolac, frisolac comfort, lactogen, dutch baby, anmum and snow. all rejected by the twin 2. anybody experience the same issue? what ur opt or solution with this issue. let share with me.

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Tulis jawapan

vomit is not the indicator that your baby is rejecting the fm. maybe the time that you give him the fm, he is already full. when you describing his stoll is green in color, it is because he is receiving too much hindmilk rather than foremilk. what is your baby's age?

3y ago

so that u need to change the fm.