My baby is 1 month 1 week now, i have started with formula milk from week 2. I started with the basic formula milk, she was ok just had spit ups and her poop was yellow. Later now i changed to gold formula milk, only then once she started vomiting and her poop changed to greenish tan and smelly. My baby is vomiting 1 time everyday about 1 oz or 2 oz of milk that she have fed now. Is this normal, or shall i change the formula milk back to the basic?

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Its better to seek medical attention.normal newborn poop will be yellow.breastmilk is still best and will help ur baby. If possible try taking milk booster to produce breastmilk for ur baby. Its much cheaper then providing formula.i hope ur baby will be ok asap.❤

Hai mommy . pada pendapat saya , momny kena tukar susu formula tu .. dan the first thing u should do is bring your baby to the hospital ... 😊😊