Any milk formula recommendation for 2months baby?

My baby vomit quite alot after fed. initially she was breastfed but now change to formula due to personal reason. at first she drink mamex, she vomit. change to frisolac,still vomit.. now enfalac A+.. the vomit become worst. we did check with doctor and he say this is normal. any recommendations? pst: i am not sure is it because of milk formula or not..

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Im using Morinaga for my 2 months old premature baby boy..So far this is the best fm for my baby..Tried so many before..Some makes my baby poopoo very hard..Some makes him spit up..But yes its normal if after feeding baby will spit up a bit..Its not normal when baby vomit so many and sometimes comes out from nose..U have to try and error..

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i use lactogen for my baby girl