Which Formula milk powder suits my 2 weeks baby

Hi I would like to ask which formula milk I can try for my 2 weeks baby? Im using frisolac but he seems cry and very hard to poop and fart but the stool still soft.. Pls.help me

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s26 cpt naik kan berat baby.sy bg mase br lahir. tp ble sbulan sy tukar lactogen pulak sb s26 baby sembelit. x sempat abes lactogen tukar pulak dutch baby sb lactogen pn baby susah poo poo and poo poo jd colour hijau.. tpakse campo dgn novalac easynova utk sng poo poo. now da masok 4month masih guna dutch baby.

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try anmum infacare langkah 1 for 0-12 months.. so far ok for my bby since he was born till now 4months old ,still use this formula milk.. highly recommended

try & error.. try la mna2.. beli ikut kemampuan.. beli pek kecil sja.. sy 1st try bg baby minum lactogen... x ada mslh, pkai trus smpai skrg...

try dutch baby. my baby try few brand masa 3 month. tp semua xsesuai. mahal murah sume try. beli pek kecil je dulu.

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Try the cheapest first to the midrange price till the most expensive. Until u find the most suitable one

I'm using enfalac a+ for my first bby so far ok until 1 years 3 months I use.. step by step.

I mula2 try Dupro tapi baby i minum je muntah balik. Then i try Enfalac. So far enfalac ok :)

been using the same s26 for all my 3 girls...so far...no complaint.

Sis can try frisolac comfort, easy to poop&digest faster..

so far anak anak Saya guna enfalac ok... tiada masalah...