I cannot stand it. I need to rant about my confinement lady. ang bao- she's v bold in asking for ang bao money. Ang bao amount is usually sui yi but for her, she specifies the amount to give. I engaged her for 2 months. For welcome, she asked for $88; full month $288 (and indicated that most of her customers give beyond); and farewell up to me. Whenever she's on an assignment, she always posts about how nice her bosses are: - allow her to go shopping / meet up with her friends - bring her out for meals - buy gifts for her it's ok to be nice to CLs. But her posts make it look like she's trying to set the standard for her other customers. When she was at my home, she often tells me about how nice her ex customers treated her - bought her Samsung galaxy tab - she had an assignment in Australia for a PRC couple and they paid for her trip to China (so she can follow along to take care of baby) - bought her branded bags etc When she was at my home, I found out that she has an assignment over CNY. Late last year, I asked if she has any assignment over CNY coz my friend was asking. She told me she is free over CNY. I verified with her and asked her about the assignment she told me about She lied to me saying that the mummy will be due early and hence will not be engaging her. I just saw her FB post and she's currently doing that assignment she told me about. I'm sure it's the same one because she told me she doesn't need to cook. Her fb post mentioned that she doesn't need to cook. She was just trying her luck to see if she can get a better deal over CNY. Generally, her work is ok and food is acceptable. Btw she always posts photos of her food on fb. She's v gd with plating and her photos all look really delectable. In reality, the taste is so so. She also spends too much time in the kitchen. She also likes to take pictures of the baby and post on fb wo prior permission. She also checks in to the location of her customers. Overall, she behaves like a 王牌 CL. For that price, I'm sure I can engage many other CLs who are as good or if not better than her! Her name is P____ C___

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Wow sounds really like a celebrity confinement lady lol. But I guess you have to endure till the confinement period ends. These days CL are verb materialistic. Actually convert to rinngit the amount they earn is a lot!! And $88 welcome Ang Pow seems to be above market rate. I gave mine a big welcome Ang pow because we know her from previous assignment and she is very experienced. I will not allow her to post pics of My baby on fb , just tell her you don't like. Just let her hao Lian about the things her previous customers bought and ignore her. Who knows if it is true and seriously i don't think it is true. And yes I have met CL who promised to help me and then cancelled on me because she got a better deal somewhere else . They are mostly like this. Money and material things is what they look for.

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6y ago

haha my confinement ended few months ago. my CL is in sg now on assignment and she recently posted on fb that her boss allowed her to go out to meet her friend for shopping 😖 so was reminded of her pattern

Haha I super dislike confinement ladies! One tried to cheat my $. Kept asking me to transfer her $ as deposit even though I don't even know her!! Then when I ask about what if I not happy with her work, she say then just fire her (all this on the first 2 telephone interviews!!!). The hongbao practice is just plain exploitative!!! You're better off hiring a maid! Maid agency fee only about $1K. Other $2K you can use to settle some extra maid fees plus around few months salary for maid! And maid listen to you more! CL is just redundant and expensive!

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OK now I know. Next time I'll be aware. Thanks mommy.

Mind sharing her name?

6y ago

polly chua