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My baby having high fever up n down for 2days..anyone who can give tips to reduce body temperature..
Bagi dia minum susu ibu kalau ada. Kalau tak ada boleh minta derma. Tu yg cara yg paling effective.
Mandikan baby 2 kali sehari dgn air suam..ade yg ckp ltk cool x penah baby skrg dh x demam..cuma selsema n batuk belum hilang..sedih tgk..huhu..
Formula milk
What brand of fm are most recommended for 1year old baby?My baby turning oneyear old soon
i year old baby can start consuming fresh milk, better than give him fm that have a lot of sugar.
I'm giving Anmum & Dutch Baby for my kids..
im giving my son fresh milk..brand farm fresh.
My baby boy is 2yr old today. And he Still not talking any words except amma.. mama.. is This normal? Pls i need ur comments..
try this. nanpro, morinaga bf1, dumex dupro
Train baby to walk
How can i help my baby train to walk? Normally at what age baby able to walk
kalau boys org kata lambat mmg bejln but try to bring him walk kalau dia selalu stand up sendiri tu maknanya dia tgh observe n perkembangan utk berjln mmg ada dont need to worries mamy
Menstrual problem
Anyone experience irregular period after delivery. Any suggestion how to regulate it My period flow 3months after delivery..tat was irregular for few months..i went for doc check up, after that my per
If fully breastfeed it's normal.
does teething cause baby loss appetite
Yes. 😅😅😅
my baby having bad cough since 3 the flu green in color..any remedies or idea?
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1. Try saline drops. It can thin the mucus in her nose and shrink swollen airways.  2. Serve easy-to-swallow food. Feed them foods that go down more easily. 3. Raise baby's head. Simply place a pillow
any remedies for cough & flu for 10months old baby
bg jus delima ,fresh punya tanpa gula
cuba letak kunyit kat hidung tapi tak sure plk tentang umur