Can I Eat These Food When Pregnant

Hi, Is it safe to eat -laksa -curry -sushi -the egg in ramen noodles I'm In first trimester. Thank u!!

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Yes in moderation. If you want raw sushi, ensure it’s from a reputable restaurant. This is what my gyne told me. I basically ate sushi, curry, and what you’ve listed. Only thing is that I ensure egg yolks are not runny, and no fermented/smoked items such as cold cuts (salami, Parma ham, unpasteurized cheeses and etc).

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Better not in 1st trimester for raw food. I do eat sushi and salmon when im in 3rd trimester.. But in moderate. Just to kill my craving...


yes, in moderation. i think i ate all of them during first trimester too! but please ensure your sushi is from those reputable restaurant.

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Laksa and curry is alright to eat but not sushi and the egg in ramen noodles if the egg is onsen (semi-raw).

I'm not sure, but my wife eat salmon sashimi , baby end up good and healthy

Avoid sushi and ramen egg, raw food is not recommended in 1st trimester

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No hum in laksa No raw sushi Egg in ramen must be fully cooked

Ur sushi best is cooked de.. Everything in moderation and clean..

No raw food or undercooked food (sushi etc)and ramen eggs

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Anything except raw food. Half boiled egg also cannot..