May I know when can I start brush my kid's teeth ? And what should I use to brush his teeth?

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As soon as the first tooth starts cutting through :) You can start with a damp, soft washcloth then just gently rubbing the surface of the tooth and gums! Once LO has more teeth, you can start with toothbrushes - there are several options available but make sure you use those suitable for your LO's age :) We also use Jack N Jill toothpaste, it's fluoride-free and safe for LO if swallowed - always use fluoride-free when learning how to brush, until LO can spit.

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Hi, You can start as soon as the baby gets his first tooth. It is the habit, sooner you develop, the better it will be. If your child will have good oral hygiene routine, he will not suffer from any teeth related problems. Encourage him to brush his teeth the first thing in the morning. You can use baby brush to clean his teeth. there are number of good quality toothbrushes available for kids now, which have soft bristles.

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I started when mine was 4 months old, he didn't have any teeth then, so he used those without bristles, every bath time he will hold the toothbrush and 'brush'. it's been a habit and routine and till now at 28 months old he will ask for his tooth brush,and toothpaste and brush on his own.

The moment they have teeth u must start .. I started cleaning his gums with oral wipes once he starts solid. But there are 2 school of thoughts on the cleaning b4 they start solid. I'm using the attached for my little one

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Teeth brushing as soon as they have their first tooth. Good habit to cultivate. In fact start using a wash cloth to clean their gums. That will make it easier when you brush their teeth.