Do you require your husband/wife to always ask your permission every time he goes out with friends esp when an ex-gf is in that circle too?

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We definitely keep each other informed of what we're doing, as for asking for permission, not at all. We're each our own person and it's important to us to uphold that. Regarding the ex-girlfriend, it really depends on the situation and how aware you are of that. For example, if they were in a long term relationship and you know he still has feelings for her, I would maybe feel a little worried. Speak to him about it if you are that concerned, I'm sure his answer would be reassuring. Ultimately, it's you that he has chosen to spend the rest of his life with, so don't get too caught up on it :)

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this is all usually based off the relationship dynamic that's been established at the start. Once it's established, it's hard to break/change that. But with that being said, it's always better to keep each other in the loop. If im uncomfortable with the idea, i let my partner know that i feel uncomfortable that she's going out and her ex is there etc. Vice -versa. feelings are tough, and it doesn't get easier just *because* you're married. people are still people. always talk about it though. the more you and your partner are aware of each other, the better!

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i dont ask for permission but i will ask if hes okay with it because its important for me to acknowledge his feelings and especially if an ex partner is going to be around, i think its important that i take a step back and not go before even asking him. usually if i'm meeting a friend/s of the opposite sex, i will let him know then ask if hes okay with it. but if an ex partner is going to be there, i will take the initiative to turn down the meeting.

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I do not think there is need to tell each and every thing to your partner, as sometimes it is best to leave things unspoken. If you think your partner will anyway would not come to know and your heart is clear, it is fine to go ahead and not to raise complications and useless questions. Needless to say that when ex is involved, your present partner would anyway will have so many thing racing through his/her mind. So, why get them involved!

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My partner and I let each other know if we have plans that don't include the other - even if only to give the other time to make alternative plans. Personally, I'm completely fine with him socialising with friends including exes. He tells me all the stories after anyway and it's a healthy exercise in demonstrating trust.

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We both don't require to ask permission from each other, but it is natural for husbands and wives to let the other spouse know whenever the other is going out with friends, colleagues, etc. For us, it is automatic that we know all the details even if the other doesn't ask.

Its always good to keep him/her informed if you are going out in a group with your ex being a part of it. Clear your intent if its not clear to your spouse. If clear, still clear it again.. Its like sometimes we know things but reassurance always helps!

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Yeah absolutely - we share everything. I tell him everything and every meeting I go for and every person I meet. :) and he does the same. He doesn't need to ask permission, but he needs to inform me.

I don't think so.. If you have a trust on your partner then it should not be problem. Distance also not an issue if trust there. Other wise relation would be more complicated.

Well I won't really ask for permission explicitly but it's always good to inform and communicate. Never try to hide things from your partner or it will only make things worse.