I just got home from work and my maid is not there. She is also not answering her phone. I suspect she has run away. What should I do?

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Cancel her work permit ASAP. Also let the police know, because you are liable for her well-being. How to cancel work permit info: http://www.mom.gov.sg/passes-and-permits/work-permit-for-foreign-domestic-worker/cancel-a-work-permit


Hi, what happened? Have you heard anything? You need to treat this as a runaway case (unless she stepped out for a bit) and inform the police and the agent. They will be able to guide you on what to do next.

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Please call the agency immediately. Sometimes the maid has ran back to the agency or contacted someone in the agency. The agency will be able to advise what needs to be done.

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you need to call the Agency first to check if she is there a not, or she is with the Agency. If no info from Agency, cxl Wp n then you make a police report.

Call the agency first and see what needs to be done. Usually they either go to the embassy or the agency. You can also make a police report first.

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Please report to police, check if any of your valuable belogings is missing, call agency to let them know, cancel the work permit immediately!

Oh dear, if her things are not there, time to call the agency n cancel work permit. Has this happened before?

If you got her through an agency, call them. And get police assistance when it takes longer.

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Call agency. Call MOM to cancel work permit. I would also log a police report

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Call MOM and cancel work permit. Contact HOME for help.