My mother in law (from China) n my husband had a huge fight and she left the house today morning and still have not return. She also switch off her phone. She is 70 and only speaks Mandarin. Husband heck care. I dont know what to do. Should I go to the police?

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Lodge a missing person report at any police service counter. There is no minimum time required for the missing person to have lost contact with family members before the report can be lodged. After the report is lodged, you can post on your social media, have a picture of your MIL and ask your friends to share (and their friends will share). Some of my friends have done this after their elderly parents or grandparents wandered off and this method seems to work each time. You should also convince your husband to put aside his ego and follow you to all of your MIL's usual hang outs (where she usually meets her friends; maybe the market or the park).

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Check with relatives or friends. If no, find around your neighbourhood. She might not gone far. Also checked her belongings & passport. U never know if she goes back to China in a fit of anger. Actually best way now is to make use of social media platform! Post her photo with description, can help to locate her. If u report police now they will just take ur statement but unable to take further actions now. Have to wait 24 hrs. Dun panicked. She will be fine!

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Even though she is 70, is she independent? If she is, she should be to find her way back? Lodging a report with the police would certainly get them to help keep a lookout but there is no guarantee. Question is what were they fighting about and if it can be prevented from recurring to avoid another MIA situation. All issues can be settled, relationships mean the most.

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So long as it's more than 24hrs, pls go to the police. Better be safe than sorry. Moreover, she's 70yrs old and from China. It's quite unhealthy. Speak to yr hubby abt it. Asking him how he feel if this happens to him when he grows old. Thia is definitely not a nice thing to do.

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Agree with all answers here... Beside police report, perhaps can print out her photo and put description and you contact then paste in some public area she likely go... That will help to locate her if someone happens to see. Can try contact her friends too if you know some...

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Does she have friends , relatives here? Not sure now still need 24 hour missing to make report or not. Maybe can call and ask if missing how long than can report police, they will answer you on the call one, so no worries.

Wait for your hubby to clam down, then tell your hubby about the safety of your mother in law. If hubby don't care, suggest you leave it. It's his mother he need to take up the responsibility of caring for his mother..

Is better to report police now.. She is already 70years old.. I doubt she has friends here.. Let ur hubby know, Mother have to find right now, don't wait till bad things happen than regret.

yes. go and report missing person will be better. in case someone saw her, u'll be easy to locate her too. or mayb u can post her photo on fb and let other share around too?

She’s an adult. Unless she is incapable in some way speaking mandarin and being slightly older should not be a problem here.