I jus have 2 glasses of wine 4 hours ago. . Does it mean I have to pump and dump the milk I have now?

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In many cases, you can breastfeed before smoking, drinking or taking medication, and simply pump and dump until at least three hours after your last substance intake. ... When in doubt, pump and dump.

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you don't have to pump and dump. as long you are ok and not drunk, it's not a problem! (:

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I pump and then use the milk for milk bath for baby after drinking

I drank wine too but I didn't throw the milk. I just fed as usual.

No, don't waste your milk. It will be perfectly fine.

As long as you feel you can drive, then you can feed.

To be safe you can pump and throw.

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After 4 hours it's okay.. :)

4 hours is fine

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4 hours is ok!